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Gap Insurance

When You Should Consider Carrying Gap Insurance

Hessig and Pohl are personal personal injury attorneys who represent auto accident victims. We understand how insurance companies work. This video explains how insurance companies will often pay less than you owe on your vehicle and how you can avoid a payout that is less ...
College student back to school

Should You Have a Power of Attorney for Your Children Going to College? 

Few things are as exciting as watching your children go off to college. In many ways, it signals the end of their childhood and the beginning of their life as an adult. While you have undoubtedly prepared them well for this stage in their life, ...
filing car accident report kentucky

Filing a Car Accident Report in Kentucky

If you are involved in a Kentucky car accident, it is important that you contact the police to file an accident report. Under Kentucky law, Drivers must report all motor vehicle accidents that cause one or more people and injury or $500 or more of ...
Uber accident lawyer

What Happens if You are a Passenger in an Uber Accident?

There are over 75 million people who use Uber, a ride-sharing service, around the world. In the United States alone, Uber drivers make over 40 million rides per month. In addition to Uber, several other ride-sharing companies have become popular, including Lyft. It is much ...
fatal car accident lawyer

Fatal Car Accident

Losing a loved one in a fatal car accident is devastating. How can you move forward? How can you deal with medical expenses and funeral and burial expenses? Connect with a Kentucky fatal car accident attorney at Hessig & Pohl to find out what your ...
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