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Kentucky workers' compensation attorney

Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Law

Kentucky workers’ compensation laws are anything but straightforward. Nevertheless, all Kentucky workers need to be aware of their rights in case they are injured at work. The workers’ compensation laws that we have in place today were originally drafted to put the responsibility for work ...
Uber accident lawyer

Uber Releases First Safety Report

It is no secret that Uber has significantly changed the transportation trends that we once knew. Instead of hiring a taxi, borrowing the family vehicle, or calling a friend, people are increasingly turning to Uber. While ride-sharing services are convenient and accessible, ride-hailing has its ...
Hessig & Pohl’s Announcement About COVID-19

Hessig & Pohl’s Announcement About COVID-19

A message to our valued clients, business associates, supporters and friends: At Hessig & Pohl Law firm, the health, safety and overall well being of our clients, business associates and the local community as a whole is of utmost importance. Given the increasing concern surrounding ...
distracted driver accident lawyer

Texting and Driving Law in Kentucky

An increasing number of drivers, teen and adult, do not view texting and driving as a dangerous behavior. Most see, quickly glancing at their phone as harmless multitasking. However, texting while driving, or distracted driving is not only dangerous but also illegal. Driving while distracted ...
Louisville personal injury lawyers podcast

Do Not Drive While Distracted

On this episode of Fighting for Justice in Kentucky, we look at a wave of Kentucky car accidents due to distracted driving.
motorcycle accident lawyer

Motorcyclists Most Vulnerable in Accidents

Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries or even death to the motorcyclist or their passenger. As a law firm that deals with motorcycle accidents, Hessig & Pohl understands the loss and grief for the family of the rider and/or passenger. According to the National ...